Dry Season FINALLY Around the Corner


Back on August 18th, I thought the dry season was only a couple weeks away due to my dog’s early shedding.  Turns out that my dog was replacing her old fur for a thicker darker one.  The rainy season is one of the longest I experienced here in Saigon since arriving four and a half years ago.

Today I noticed that Lucky was shedding a huge amount of fur.  That is roughly two months later than the previous year.  Hence, the dry season should arrive within 2-3 weeks.  Cooler weather should arrive shortly after.

Season changes are oddly preceded by an increase of colds and illnesses here in Saigon.  I am affected as well.  At my school last week, students and teachers were ill as well.  It is amazing the influence the weather can have on people.

Well, for the next couple of days, Lucky will get a long grooming session each night 🙂

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