Vietnamese Football Fans vandalized my house


Here is something you will not see in the news here in Saigon.  After Vietnam’s victory over Thailand last night, football fans watching the game at the cafes near my house ran down the alleyway and started stealing the Vietnam flag attached to the houses.

The neighbors told me that they went to the flags attached to my house and ripped the flag and mount off the marble wall.  This created a lot of damage to the marble but then they continued to tear off a wooden siding as well (probably to fly the flag).  The entire marble panel will have to be replaced.

Hooliganism has arrived to Vietnam thanks to football.

I will post some pictures later of the damage.


  1. I do miss the screaming, yelling at mid night at the cafe when big tournament like World Cup or Euro going on. I still watch football (or is it soccer) in America but the experience isn’t the same anymore.

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