Winlock Snowfall

Well, I originally I was going to fly back to the US for the holidays but the plans never panned out.  I think I am lucky I did not make the trip.  I would probably be stuck at the airport either in Taipai or Seattle with no way to get home.  The Seattle area south was head by two snowstorms the last couple of weeks.  My parent’s house added 5 inches of snow on top of the already 5 inches on the ground last night.

More snow is expected before Christmas.

Below is a picture from my parent’s house in Winlock, Washington.

Winlock, Washington, snowfall 2008

(Hmm, can I ride my motorbike here???)

3 comments on “Winlock Snowfall”

  1. Lai Rai

    Good luck, since Seattle and its greater area has been hit by the worst snowstorms of more than half-a-century. Thousand flights has been delayed or canceled in and out of Sea-Tac airport due to snowy conditions in last few days, roads are so treacherous to navigate, my only consolation is reading your posts from a warm and far place,…Sa?igo?n, Vietnam.

  2. Quynh Anh Nguyen

    The weather in Seattle has been crazy lately. With all of the snow, many people were delayed. I work part time at the airport and I have to say during the delays, it was like a refugee camp. I felt really bad for the passengers, especially for their little ones.

    You’ve made a good choice not to come back during that time.

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