Christmas Eve at Pinky Ice Cream

Last night I stopped by Pinky Ice Cream on 20Bis Troung Dinh in District 3.  I have been wanting to stop at this place many times since I see it everyday.  To my surprise, it is actually a good place for ice cream.  I ordered the ice cream cake which was very good and comparable to what you can get at Bud’s Ice Cream.  It is even as good as Dream Cones.

My only disappointment was the Coke Cola Float.  For one, they did not use real Coke and two, the cola used was, umm, warm.  Hence the Coke Cola Float was just melted ice cream in a cola.

The decor was a bit disappointing as well.  Not very pleasant to doable.  It was too yellow for my tastes.  Still, the ice cream made up for it.  I will go back in the future just to have this little treat 🙂

Saigon Pinky Ice Cream

(Pinky Menu and Locations)

Saigon Pinky Ice Cream

(My ice cream cake)

Saigon Pinky Ice Cream

(My friend’s shake)

Saigon Pinky Ice Cream

(Okay decor, needs a little work though)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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