My house flooded again :-(

Within minutes of Tweeting that the current storm would create flooding in Saigon, I heard water on my stairwell.  It sounded like somebody left the shower on.  Not good.  The last time this happened this happened was last July.  This would be the 4th time I can remember my house flooding from the terrace located on the 5th floor.

Unfortunately for me, there is only 1 drain on the terrace.  Why my landlord did this, I will never know.  Most of the other neighbors have a drain that runs out over their terraces.  Yeah, the people get wet below but it keeps the house dry.

After I heard the water pouring down the stairs, I rushed out of my room.  Here is a first, I got soaked going up the stairs, it was that much water.  Normally I have some old linen blocking the opening underneath the terrace door.  Umm, my dog removed it when I let her sleep in the house two nights ago.  After letting my dog in, I found some old bed sheets and plugged the opening.

Then the hard part came.  I had to mop up all the water from the first floor to the fifth floor all by myself.  Yeah, I got a roommate but he is always conveniently away from home when problems arise.  Luckily it took only about 15 minutes to clean up.

Two more weeks left in this house.  I am tired of being flooded from above, seriously…

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  1. Anna

    Yeah, I hope my cold will go away, will make a visit to the doctor tomorrow.

    I like it here. Vietnam? maybe in a couple of years. Abandoned the dream of working there 🙂 I can’t compete in Vietnam, so many talents there, to be honest. I am not the leader type and you have to be one if you want to be successful there.

    Happy New Year and be safe 🙂


  2. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    @Chuck: Can be a pain, huh?

    @Tracy: There is one, ‘If you build it and it stays up, live in it” 🙂

    @Anna: You can compete in Saigon. Now is the time to look for a job. I do headhunting now and Viet Kieu are now highly sought, especially those who can work with Vietnamese.

    Leadership comes with experience 🙂

  3. Anna

    If I am moving anywhere, it’d be Texas. I like the weather there and the houses are affordable compared to VA. I love my job here but it’s so cold and I can’t afford a house with one income.

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