Best Saigon Coffee shop


Last night I went to probably the best coffee shop in Saigon at the moment.  Unfortunately I forgot the name of the place.  I vaguely remember the area but it was located next to the train tracks in the Phu Nhuan District.  It will probably be one of Saigon’s best kept secrets for awhile.

I will tease you with a couple photos.  They service was great, it was just a very pleasant place to relax at with nice pools and gardens.  The noise of people talking were drowned out by the garden.  I can see this place to be very relaxing and cool during a hot day as well.

I will try to get the name and address next time I visit, that is if I remember where it is at 🙂

Best Saigon Coffee shop

Best Saigon Coffee shop


  1. Kevin,
    Reminds me of a coffee shop that I went to in Bao Loc. I think the name of it was Thanh Nguyen. Very quiet lots of plants and water pools. They also had little huts that one could use for privacy. I really enjoyed it.

  2. I may have been to this cafe shop, twice, but i could be wrong. Stayed over a week at local hotel on Truong Son street in Quan 11 and going out with sister’s friends to lots of coffee shops. Mostly in Phu Nhuan district.


  3. Sorry to spoil your secret Kevin…

    The coffee shop that you are referring to is: Mien Dong Thao Cafe.

    Address is: 221A Nguyen Trong Tuyen, P.8, Q. Phu Nhuan.

    I agree it very spacious although in my personal opinion the owner (same owner as Du Mien Cafe) was really stretching it when they decided to build the third level. I go there often during the day and it’s quiet and relaxing and sometimes at night and I never see the third level filled up.

    My main gripe is that there is NO WIFI so if internet access is important this is not the right place. By the way, neither does Du Mien Cafe.

    But having said that, come for the ambiance and relax with your favorite beverage.

    This is still my favorite cafe until I find a comparable designed cafe with wifi.

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