Cafe May – Saigon Best Coffee Shop


I visited another good coffee shop today, Cafe May.  Surprisingly, it is near my house.

If you like a decor with a fushion of Vietnamese and French interior designing, come to Cafe May.  It was quite pleasant and relaxing.  I had a cafe sua da which was pretty good.  My only complaint was that it was too cold.  The air conditioner was blowing the cold air right at me 🙂

I think many people will like this coffee shop 🙂

Saigon Cafe May - Best Coffee Shop

(Nice painting)

Saigon Cafe May - Best Coffee Shop

(Many comfortable chairs and sofas)

Saigon Cafe May - Best Coffee Shop

(French-style painting)

Saigon Cafe May - Best Coffee Shop

(More seats)

Cafe May Address:

206B Le Van Sy, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC, Viet Nam.


  1. I just tried this place today, Le Cafe de la May, and it was a very comfortable, peaceful place to hang out. I just stopped in to get a coffee and a sandwich, but I could imagine spending all afternoon here and getting lost in a book or something. The art is nice and the music is a little different, I think it was French. There’s a unique flair to the place that distinguishes it from other coffee shops. A good food selection, Viet and western, I got a good chicken sandwich that was half the price of the one at Java (also considerably smaller, but it was just what I needed).
    Btw I’d like to add your blog, and I hope you can add mine too: I also live in Phu Nhuan, but on Nguyen Kiem.

  2. If you leave near by Le Van Sy area then you should ought to check out the new gardening/tea house cafe house – Luky 8 Cafe.

    Address: 333/7A Le Van Sy, P1 Q TB
    Its Phone number is: 08 3991 8686

    Check it out you wil LOVE it !!!

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