Tet rush at Saigon Big C


I made a small mistake at lunch time today.  I decided to buy my cleaning equipment at the Phu Nhuan Big C today.  I regretted it afterwards.  It has been a long time since I experienced long lines in Vietnam.  Normally I chose Big C to avoid these lines.

Today what I saw in the lines shocked me.  One elderly man had 3, yes 3, full carts.  He was in front of me.  I think it took nearly 30 minutes to finally make it to the counter.

Surprisingly, the lines were orderly.  Nobody attempted to cut in line.  There were security guards near the cashiers which may have helped.  Overall, I did not mind the long wait BUT I could have bought my cleaning equipment near my house.

Next time…

Saigon Big C Tet Rush 2009

(People patiently waiting in line)


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