Kim Lan Hotel in Can Tho, Vietnam


On Sunday, I traveled to Can Tho, Vietnam, a city roughly 4 hours south of Saigon in Mekong Delta, for Tet.  I needed to spend one night in Can Tho before I was “allowed” to travel to Co Do.  I arrived to Can Tho via Mai Linh Express which is probably one of the best ways to travel through the Mekong Delta.  Once we arrived into Can Tho, a Mai Linh Express driver recommended that I stay at the Kim Lan Hotel.  That was probably some of the best advice he gave me.

Kim Lan Hotel is located on 138A Nguyen An Ninh in the Ninh Kieu District of Can Tho.  It is located pretty much in the center of the city.  I decided to stay in the VIP3 Room located on the 8th floor.  Normal price was $35 US per night.  I was able to get it for about 350,000 VND per night or roughly $20 US.

The view from this room was excellent.  I got two great views of Can Tho as you are about to see in the next blog post.  The facilities were great as well.  The air conditioner worked real great.  I felt that I was back in Dalat and even in Seattle.

At midnight, I was got a great view of the two fireworks displays along the river (sorry no shots since I was tired at the time).

I ordered room service and got a great Vietnamese meal as well!!!

Now here are the shots of the room:

Kim Lan Hotel - Can Tho, Vietnam

(One of my great view windows next to the TV and fridge)

Kim Lan Hotel - Can Tho, Vietnam

(My queen size bed)

Kim Lan Hotel - Can Tho, Vietnam

(Entrance to my room)

Kim Lan Hotel - Can Tho, Vietnam

(Another window with a great view of Can Tho)

Kim Lan Hotel - Can Tho, Vietnam

(Another vantage point from my room)

Kim Lan Hotel - Can Tho, Vietnam

(A great bathroom)

Kim Lan Hotel - Can Tho, Vietnam

(Nice Shower though water was just luke warm)


  1. Kevin, I love this hotel as well! Pretty random to read about it on your blog… nice suggestion, I agree totally. Can Tho is a great place to relax and eat some good food. (Dai Ly Lau Mam and Allo 100 are my farvorites!)

  2. @Chris: I could not be in my friend’s house before midnight on Tet. It could bring bad luck. This holds true for many visitors so Vietnamese tend to keep foreigners away. The first visitor is very important. This was the first time I experienced this myself. The last 5 years, I was allowed to visit a family during the day of Tet.

    @Dan: Most of the restaurants were closed since it was the day before Tet. I settled for the food in my hotel which was good. I will make future visits to Can Tho.

  3. Kevin, thanks for the answer. I was hoping that was it and it wasn’t another silly regulation.

    I’ve visited Can Tho many times, but never this hotel. I usually stay with family when there. Nice to know there’s some good, air conditioned options, though.


  4. Hey guys, I read your post here. I love it in Can Tho. I am going back soon to find a lady that I met there a long time ago. You guys wouldn’t know of her family by any chance. Her name is Ma Vinh Xuan. Don’t know if she even still lives there anymore or not. Any info would be appr. Thanks Paul.

  5. Kevin, from the photos of the room, you can’t beat that price, clean, bright and working A/C. Definitely be on my list when I do go back to Can Tho.


  6. @Paul: No idea Paul, too many Vietnamese in this country. Hire an investigator here to find her.

    @Huy: It will be more expensive outside of Tet. Hotel rooms tend to be empty during Tet from big cities since most people go to the beaches.

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