Time to move to Funtoo Linux


    I have been planning to move to Funtoo Linux, a derivative of Gentoo Linux, for over a month now.  The install is basically the same as a Gentoo installation.  The only difference is that instead of using Gentoo’s Portage, you can choose to just use Daniel Robbin’s Funtoo git-based Portage located at Github.  Funtoo does give you the option to use the vanilla Portage maintained by Gentoo.  I am not sure that you can use the Paludis package system though.

    My primary reason to move to Funtoo is just for fun.  I miss the days back in 2004 where I stayed up all night getting my new Gentoo system to run.  I learned a lot about Linux in those days.  I feel it is time for me to brush up on my skills.  Also, Funtoo makes it easier for users to create and update their own Funtoo Portage system.  A must if a Gentoo-based system ever wants to become bleeding edge again.

    Daniel also created Metro that allows users to create their Linux distribution based on Gentoo.   I find this exciting.  Fedora Core, openSUSE and Ubuntu have their own distro creating packages but I would like to create one based on Gentoo.  Just for fun of course.

    I expect to make the move to Funtoo sometime this weekend.


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