Dong Nai River – Bien Hoa


I spent Day 4 of Tet with my Vietnamese friend and his family just outside of Bien Hoa yesterday.  Bien Hoa is a suburb of Saigon now and a really nice small city.  The people are very friendly.  We rode my motorbike in an area behind his house where I took these nice shots of the local people and the Dong Nai River.

Dong Nai River in Bien Hoa, Vietnam

(Rodes here are not paved yet)

Dong Nai River in Bien Hoa, Vietnam

(The people here were very friendly)

Dong Nai River in Bien Hoa, Vietnam

(Dong Nai River)

Dong Nai River in Bien Hoa, Vietnam

(A great view)

My next visit I will take some more shots of the city.  I only spent one night in Bien Hoa this time around but I plan to spend more in the future to ‘escape’ the city 🙂


  1. I understand that Bien Hoa is becoming quite an industrial town. Is that right? Now I understand why people leave their shoes at the door. Great pics. I am always looking forward to the next ones. Have you ever thought about going to Mau Son Mountain? Mike

  2. @Mike: The Americans developed a huge industrial zone. I will get some pictures later. It looks like a transplanted American city sometimes.

    @Anna: It is to the right of the Highway 1 Dong Nai River bridge just outside of Bien Hoa. About 5-10 minutes from Big C.

  3. Bien Hoa is a nice, relatively conservative vietnam city. I was in the city a few days during my time i was there. Seem like you are having a great time in v.n.

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