Bobby Brewer’s Employee buying street pastries

I thought this was funny.  While eating lunch in Pham Ngu Lao, I saw one of Bobby Brewer’s employees buying pastries from a street vendor.  Hmm, I guess she does not like the pastries at Bobby Brewer’s…  Not really, many Vietnamese find Western pastries too sweet.  I always see Bobby Brewer’s employees eating from the street vendors in this area.

A side note, this particular street vendor can sell all of her pastries in less than one hour.  She picked a good spot.

Saigon Bobby Brewer's Employee buying street pastries

(Bobby Brewer’s girl in black across the street)

3 comments on “Bobby Brewer’s Employee buying street pastries”

  1. Mashi

    I have 3 friends who work at Bobby Brewers, and i’m friendly with all the staff. The main reason they don’t eat the pastries at BBs is because they get paid 9.000d an hour and can’t get them for free. The staff there are some of the nicest people i’ve met in all of Vietnam. Apart from the desserts and drinks, the main menu of meals is well priced (including a free movie) and if you’re nice to them, they will be extra nice to you, byo drinks and even food if the boss isn’t in!

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