Wedding in the Phu Nhuan District


Mel (Antidote to Burnout) mentioned if I had moved to a new house since I was no longer posting about my house on m blog.  Nope, I am still here.  There just have not been much to, umm, complain about my house.

Last month my lease expired but I decided to continue it month-by-month until June.  I did not want to pack up during both new years plus my ADSL bandwidth is finally good.  I have relatively few complaints in my house now.  It is not as dusty anymore and I can eat in my kitchen again (I won the war against the cockroaches thanks to two weeks worth of RAID attacks).

I want to move further out of the city, possibly Tan Binh or Tan Phu, in the summer to escape the noise.

Anyway, just for Mel, there was a wedding taking place near my house yesterday so I took a shot:


  1. Kevin, did they invite you to the wedding banquet?

    Do you really think it will be quieter in Tan Binh or Tan Phu? Tan Phu is too far out there, in my opinion. But I guess you don’t mind long motorbike rides.

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