Saigon Maximark U-Max Membership

I visited Maximark last Sunday.  Normally I avoid the place since it is too crowded and the checkout lines are normally packed.  It can take anywhere from 10-15 minutes at the LEAST to get to the checkout stand.  Normally you have to fight to keep your spot from shoppers trying to cut in.

When we finished shopping, we went to the checkout area.  I saw five that were relatively empty so we entered it.  When we got to the cashier, she said we could not use it since we were not U-Max Members.  It seems U-Max members can use the ‘Express Checkouts’ while normal shoppers had to wait in the other lines.

I then said that I would pay for the membership fee now.  Citimart, in the past, and Co-op allows you to pay a membership fee at the checkout.  No response and we were asked go to another checkout.

After about 15-20 minutes I paid for my groceries. I will stick to buying all of my groceries at Big C from now on. Their checkouts are much faster.

Saigon Maximark

(U-Max Express Checkouts)

Saigon Maximark

(U-Max checkouts are faster, most of these people are not members and joined us later)

Saigon Maximark

(Normal checkout, very crowded)

3 comments on “Saigon Maximark U-Max Membership”

  1. Dave

    I lived and worked in China for 4 years. You want to talk about people cutting in line? Any where and everywhere. Stores, banks, KFC….and lines at the checkout were the worst. We would go to a grocery store called Auchan. They would have literally 40 checkouts open and each line would be 10-15 people deep. Going there on a weekend was a suicide mission. We have only lived in Saigon 6 months but the people here seem much more polite.

  2. Dominic

    is this the maximark cong hoa location? ahh how i miss vietnam its been a month since ive gotten back to the states. personally i like Big C prices and services better, but for some reason i like the atmosphere of maximark.

  3. Vzar

    Goods at BigC are cheaper, most of them, and their checkout progress is also faster.
    Sometimes some people tries to cut-in, but I think they re just a few.
    I usually visit BigC Mien Dong (Tô Hi?n Thành street, Dist.10) and BigC Hoàng V?n Th? (Tan Binh Dist).
    Check your nearest store here:
    I’m not workin’ for BigC, however their price satisfied me.
    However, try Co-op Mart Ly Thuong Kiet or Co-op Mart Cong Quynh. They are a little more expensive but their services are better. People here trusted them than Maximart.

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