New Motherboard and CPU (pictures)


Last week I upgraded my motherboard and cpu, a yearly ritual for me now.  Arch Linux is now the main system that I run on this desktop.  Gentoo/Funtoo will be there for testing (Funtoo is really fun to play with).  I will also test Pardus, a Turkish linux distribution.  It may be a good distro to use in the educational setting.

Below are some pictures of me adding the new hardware:

My upgraded Arch Linux Desktop system

(My tower with the old motherboard removed)

My upgraded Arch Linux Desktop system

(The P43-series Gigabyte motherboard)

My upgraded Arch Linux Desktop system

(I just installed the new motherboard in the tower)

My upgraded Arch Linux Desktop system

(After I installed the new core 2 quad cpu and 4 Gigs of RAM)

My upgraded Arch Linux Desktop system

(The finished system)


  1. Why would you go for Pardus for educational purposes?

    Don’t take me wrong, it’s probably a good distro in its own right, but…

    You are already teaching them Linux, which is already quite marginally used. Choosing a distro that is marginally used already within the Linux world is, I’d say, inflicting an unnecessary amount of pain and suffering on your students for no particular reason.

    I would say stick to Fedora, CentOS, openSUSE, Ubuntu, Debian… any of the actual major ones, with a standard package management system that gives them knowledge they can bring with them somewhere else…

    Ultimately it’s your decision, of course.

  2. @Urko: That choice is not mind but Pardus has a great reputation in Turkey. Since it is localized for Turkish speakers, naturally they would go for that distro versus, per se, Ubuntu. It is their choice, not mind.

    I am using Ubuntu in my class but I now regret the choice.

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