Beautiful Saigon Day

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  1. Vzar

    At first glance, nice to meet you! Especially here, on a blog named Saigon Nezumi!
    I’m a Vietnamese, living and working near the place you shot above 🙂 .
    Love to hear “Saigon is beautiful” from you!
    But dude, that street named Le Hong Phong , or “Lê H?ng Phong”.
    Despite many bad points, I always love Vietnam.
    Xin chao, xin cam on!
    Have a super day!

  2. Dave

    You said “finally the warm weather returns”? That seems to imply that it’s been cold? My wife and I have only been in Saigon since the end of August. I think I’m in for a world of hurt when summer hits.

  3. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    @Vazr: Sorry for the misspelled word. I know it is Le Hong Phung. I will change it shortly. Saigon is a great city.

    @Dave: This is the hottest part of the year. It will get very hot next month until about May. When the rainy season starts, it will cool off a lot.

  4. Clifton Buck-Kauffman

    I much prefer Saigon when it isn’t quite so hot! The temperature during the occasional winter “cold wave” never goes below about 24C, even at night, in HCMC, which is about 75F, a nice temperature, especially with the high humidity. Today it was above 37C outside my home in D1, almost 100F and again, with the very high relative humidity it is too steamy for me to do much outside during the afternoons except overheat and wither.
    April is the warmest month in HCMC and September the wettest.
    We were in Mui Ne for the last week and it was fabulous weather-wise and with enough wind for the kite-surfers. THe sight of a hundred kites swooping across the bay at once is dep lam!

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