Saigon Street Vendor

A couple of times a week, I like to buy a coca cola from the street vendor near AIS.  She and her family are very nice and their prices quite good.  I have to pay 5,000 VND ($0.29 US) for a coke and 6,000 ($0.35) )for a cafe sua da.

Street vendors are the most affordable way of buying your drinks and food outside of a restaurant.  After awhile, you get to know which are the good vendors and which are the bad.

Oddly enough, I never get sick when I eat food from my favorite street vendors, I only get sick from restaurants nowadays.  A friend mentioned that restaurants tend to buy food in bulk or keep leftovers overnight.  Street vendors sell all of their food and then close shop.   That night or early the next morning, they make a fresh batch of food.

Saigon Street Vendor selling coca cola

(Waiting for my Coca Cola)

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  1. Anna

    I am glad they didn’t sell those to you with inflated prices. Street vendors are more honest, while restaurants or bigger shops aren’t. I had that kind of experience before.

  2. Dominic

    i love street vendors, you should drink that dr thanh that that vendor has advertised, i drank like cases of it while i was there

  3. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    @Anna: The street vendors I go to see me a lot so I get the fair price. I do listen too. Funny, this street vendor sells cafe sua da at 6,000 VND. The school, just across the street, sells them for 10,000 VND.

    @Dominic: What is that drink again? Dr. Thanh?

    @Tracy: Sometimes I do get sick from the cafe sua da but I think it is more the coffee than the ice.

  4. Huy

    Kevin, seems like you have a great life. Living in a relatively low cost of living place (did not think you pay too much for your flat). While i have to travel half way around the world to visit that place for a week or two.


  5. Dawn

    Hi, I am hoping you can help me. i am writing a story about vietnam and want to know if there is a name for those baskets that some street vendors carry. The ones that hang from the stick across their shoulder. They look kind of like giant weighing scales.

    I’d surely appreciate your help.


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