Beautiful Saturday morning in Saigon

Saturday morning I was waiting for my students near the Metropolitan building (HSBC) in District 1.  I got some good shots.  It was a nice pleasant morning though it did get real hot later in the day.

Saigon, Vietnam

(Notre Dame Catheral)

Saigon, Vietnam

(New building projects on Hai Ba Trung, formerly Saigon Square)

Saigon, Vietnam

(Dong Khoi Street)

Saigon, Vietnam

(Empty Sidewalk, not normal but the day is still young)

Saigon, Vietnam

(HSBC – Metropolitan)

5 comments on “Beautiful Saturday morning in Saigon”

  1. Vzar

    Did you use photoshop or any image editor on your photos? Look like some of them have their color blended, like the last photo on this post ? or that’s your purpose?

  2. Clarious

    @SaigonNezumi: Really? I have alway thought that there are more opportunities in SG than in HN.

    I will sure travel all over Vietnam someday! I will take my car driving exam this Friday 🙂

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