Pimping my Yamaha Nouvo LX


Saturday I spent part of the day with ‘pimping’ my Yamaha Nouvo LX. The day started when I met two students, Tommy and Tony, both Nouvo LX owners, near HSBC in District 1. When then headed to District 10 so I could buy new rear shocks for my motorbike from Siam Motor Co., aka Scootex.  I bought the YSS G-series shocks with a good discount.  Tommy bought a new interior panel for his bike.

We then headed to the Binh Thanh District to Son, a motorbike shop, where I bought a bigger rear tire for my motorbike.  They also installed the new rear shocks for me as well.  After lunch, we parted ways and I headed to District 10 again to replace the plastic covering on my motorbike.  My motorbike now looks spanking new.

I tested out the shocks with one of my big Turkish friends.  It is amazing, he could not notice the bumps.  I rode on the back later and was impressed.  A much smoother ride…


Yamaha Nouvo LX

(Scootex – 243/10C To Hien Thanh, District 10, Saigon)

Yamaha Nouvo LX

(Large select of YSS brand shocks)

Yamaha Nouvo LX

(More parts for the Yamaha Nouvo and Honda Air Blade)

Yamaha Nouvo LX

(Front shocks – I did not really need them)

Yamaha Nouvo LX

(Nice wheels)

Yamaha Nouvo LX

(Pimped up Yamaha Nouvo LX)


Yamaha Nouvo LX

(Tommy getting his interior front panel replaced on his Yamaha Nouvo LX)

Yamaha Nouvo LX

(My Nouvo LX being disassembled)

Yamaha Nouvo LX

(Waiting for the rear tire)

Rua Xe

Yamaha Nouvo LX

(After I got the new tire and shocks installed, I decided to wash my bike)

New Look

Yamaha Nouvo LX

(Bigger rear tire with new YSS G-Series Shocks)

Yamaha Nouvo LX

(YSS is a well known Thai brand in Vietnam)

Yamaha Nouvo LX

(Side view of my Yamaha Nouvo LX)

Yamaha Nouvo LX

(Rear view)

Yamaha Nouvo LX

(Front view)

2006 Honda CBR 600cc

Honda CBR 600cc

(My Turkish friends motorbike, wow!!!)


  1. sweet ride! My wife and I are renting a Nuovo right now and plan on buying a new one next month. The only thing my wife complains about is the shocks. When I’m ready to switch I’ll shoot you an email with questions about cost and stuff. Thanks

  2. As cool as that CBR600 is, it’s not the best bike for a crowded city. A bike like that is made for a racetrack.

    I’d recommend a supermoto/motard style bike for city riding. Supermoto/motards are great in the city because: 1) light weight, 2) long suspension travel to absorb bad city roads, 3) upright riding position which gives you a good view of your environment, 4) wide handlebars for easy control, 5) thin profile for fitting in traffic, 6) and more…

    Great examples are the Kawasaki D-Tracker 250cc, the Suzuki DR-Z400SM, or my favorite, the KTM 640 LC4 Supermoto.

  3. Awesome post, had no idea I could upgrade my Nuovo other than with stickers and stuff, though I should have known. Any parts you specifically recommend?

    I’d like a smoother, softer ride, and maybe have faster acceleration, but I don’t know if that’s really reasonable to expect. Maybe I should go with the shocks you tried?

  4. This is a hot topic on TripAdvisor.com, a foreigner should not ride motorbike, an accident would be always blame on the foreinger, care to comment?


  5. I live in Hanoi and own a Nouvo LX and cannot find anywhere in this town to pimp a ride – you mentioned you fitted YSS G-series shocks – what is the fattest tyre you get onto the factory rim without risking it slipping off? and – can i buy a wider rim for the Nouvo LX?

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