Back up and Running


What a day.  I can’t believe it has been nearly 5 hours since @anhhung mentioned there was a problem with my blog.

I checked my blog and found a blank Kubrick themed blog.  Uh oh, not again.

I have used for over 5 years now.  I only had two other minor problems with AnHosting during this time.  One time one of my websites, which I edited, reverted back to an earlier version when there was a server break down.  I also lost a week’s worth of blog postings last year when I accidentally deleted the wrong database.  Not sure why I did that.

Thank God for backups.

AnHosting told me that they felt it was a bot that installed a new WordPress installation on my account.  I felt that it was an automatic script since both my wp-config.php file and database were changed.  You need at least root access to make the changes to the MySQL database.  I could have argued with Support on this one but my goal was to get my blog up and running again after being down for nearly 12 hours.

Backups are great.  I have WordPress send me a backup once a week.  I will see I can change it to daily now.  I created a new MySQL database and then imported my last backup dated March 27th with phpmyadmin.  Amazing.

Yeah, I will look at using a VPS now.  Not sure which one to use but is on top of my list.


  1. I’m wondering which is your choice : better quality or sensible price? And how many sites do you intent to host besides SaigonNezumi?

    I’ve used a vps at Hostdime, and 2 dedicated server at Theplanet for my work, and 2 premium shared host packs at Byethost.

    Among those providers, I’s only satisfied by Byethost cauz of their polite and always-online support team, they solves the problem really quickly and for 5 years I’ve not had any problem with my database at Byethost while both ThePlanet and HostDime lost my databases triple times (like the thunder claps or surged voltage bla bla bla ! You know when I run about 10 websites on each vps or server, a database lost is really disturbing!
    So choose your provider wisely and carefully, cauz your db is much more important 🙂

    Anyway, what backup plugin you currently running with your wp ?

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