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Giving KDE 4.2 a try on my Arch Linux Desktop

Well, it has been over a year since I made the move to the Gnome Desktop.  I was not happy happy with KDE 4 and ended up dumping it.  I thought the KDE Developers were crazy for making too many innovations.  It was too buggy and took a lot of resources to run it.

Now KDE 4.2 is available and I am hearing a lot of good praises.  Tony(saigonlinux) runs it on openSUSE and gave me a demonstration last Thursday.  I was very impressed.  As a former KDE user 5 years, I decided that I will give it a try this week.

Currently I am running the Gnome Desktop on my Arch Linux desktop.  The Arch Linux developers are well known for their stable packages and sure enough KDE 4.2 was available.  Tomorrow I plan to make the switch for a couple days to see how I like KDE 4.2.

Don’t get me wrong, the Gnome desktop is nice but I find myself prefering KDE applications over Gnome (k3b, kaffeine, amarok, etc.).  Pidgin is nice but I really prefer Kopete.  The list goes on and on.  It is just a preference thing.

I will let you guys know what happens.

KDE 4.2 Desktop Image

(KDE 4.2 Desktop – Source: KDE)

7 comments on “Giving KDE 4.2 a try on my Arch Linux Desktop”

  1. clarious

    Yes, KDE 4.2 is nice but I just can’t get on with it and have to remove it after the third SEGFAULT (related to widget if i’m not wrong). And I think KDE developers did some weird decisions, like using mySQL to store personal information, why not sqllite?

    That’s said, I still like KDE quite a lot and will sure give it another try when version 4.3 comes 🙂

    //I am using XFCE 4.6, using an uniform look for both GTK and QT app and I’m happy with it 😀

  2. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    XFCE was too lite for me. I liked LXDE was really nice but still needs some work. Good for laptops.

    Can’t you switch to sqlite in KDE? I am sure there has got to be an option.

    I hope I get no segfaults 🙁

  3. clarious

    AFAIK we can’t replace MySQL with sqlite, it is needed for a PIM daemon (Akonandi). It also caused some problems with amarok too, as amarok use a standalone version of MySQL.

    But I don’t think it will be a problem as RAM is pretty cheap these days (you can buy 4GBs for about 500k VND, or 29$).

    I like xfce because it fits me very well, I just need a big menu for programs, a simple, pleasant theme for window, and several small utilities. Enlightenment 17 is very nice too, but it lacks some tools I need.

  4. Tony

    Hey Kev…welcome back to KDE 🙂 See you’re playing around with the widgets … BTW, your desktop is looking good there…

  5. St. Konqueror

    I was a loyal KDE user for 2 years, but from KDE 4.x.y, I felt so uncomfortable with the new components such as: widgets, graphical effects, blah blah blah… Those are very beautiful and impressive, but take too much resources to run. Somehow, it reminded me about the Window Aero. Now I’m satisfied with Fluxbox and XFCE. 😀

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