Troi oi FPT!!!


This is FPT for you.  Here is a company that seems to win many ICT awards in Vietnam continuously each year yet can’t seem to get their Customer Service right.

Today is just the 18th of the month.  For the last couple of years, I paid my ADSL fees on the 21st of the month.  Before that, I paid them on the 24th of the month.  When I first subscribed, I was told to pay on the 28th of the month, the day I signed the contract.  Now FPT wants me to pay on the 16th of the month.  As, per Vietnam, there is no reason for changing my payment date.

Three years ago I would have asked if I would get the 12 missing days reimbursed.  Today I have learned that the ‘credit refund’ procedure is really not worth it.  The process to get any kind of reimbursement is just not worth it.

No wonder Vietnamese companies like FPT make a profit each year.

You get the same problems with EVN and now even the local water company is drawing ire from Vietnamese customers.

Well, I managed to get my ADSL fees paid before FPT closed today as you can tell.  If any of you get the below screen, it usually means you have to pay for ADSL bill now.  This was the first time I ever got this.

FPT ADSL in Vietnam


  1. Speaking of water company Kevin, having lived in VN for 4 years, how soon did it take for you to be able to drink, use local tap water? As you know, tourist are warn to not drink, do hygiene with local water.


  2. After this, I’ve come to understand why so many expats (and local residents alike) living in SCREC building (Dis. 3) come only to complain about their repetitive utilities cut-off due to such “late” payment.

    Thanks Mr. Kevin for your … discovery.

  3. @Agitatore: In the past, I had my bill due days written on my calendar. It worked until EVN and FPT starting changing the due dates. I even lost track of when my garbage fees are supposed to be collected.

    VNPT seems to be the only reliable company about due dates. It has stayed the same since the 3 years I lived in my house.

  4. @Huy: I don’t know abou HCMC, but here in HN, tap water is safe for drinking/cooking etc… I have bring its sample to a lab to check it, and it passed.

  5. @Huy: Here in hcmc any time you eat any food or drink any cup/glass of coffee in any cafe or restaurant, you are drinking the local tap water. You can’t avoid it.

    I’d never grab a glass, fill it at the tap and drink it, and I use bottled for ice too, but like clarious has verified, it’s about the same here as anywhere.

    I’d be more worried about the health effects of the deadness of the water, than anything alive in it. The nasties will come from people using it in unhygienic conditions, not from the water itself, same as anywhere.

  6. I think you have some misunderstandings. The FPT you mentioned is just FPT Telecom only. The FPT inc. aslo has FPT Software, FPT Distribution, FPT Mobile, FPT Education. Among that, FPT Distribution gets the most profit for the whole corporation.

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