At Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport


What luxury, finally I you can get access to the wifi at Taoyuan International Airport.  My EVA Air flight landed about 40 minutes ago.  The flight was pretty comfortable.

This was the first time I used the new international terminal to leave Vietnam.  It was nice and spacious, much better than the old terminal.  The international terminal reminds me of a smaller version of Osaka Kansai International Airport.

Had some problems with my luggage.  The ants ate the rubber off of the wheels of one of my suitcases.  Arghh!!!  This suitcase is only making it’s 5th Pacific crossing.  I expected at least 20!!!

Anyway, just sitting around waiting for my flight.  It is a bit humid here.  Many people are already waiting for the Eva Air flight to Seattle.

Trip from Saigon to Taipai on Eva Air

(Remnants of a wheel the ants ate)

Trip from Saigon to Taipai on Eva Air

(Eva Air ticket counter at Tan Son Nhat International Airport)

Trip from Saigon to Taipai on Eva Air

(International Terminal at Tan Son Nhat)

Trip from Saigon to Taipai on Eva Air

(My flight to Taipai, Taiwan)

Trip from Saigon to Taipai on Eva Air

(Game Zone is next to my gate in Taipai)


  1. Hey I’ve been in that game zone. I thought TaiPei airport was very clean and nice. Lots of things to look at. You can buy nice perfume at the duty free store straight from France. Now the long leg starts for you. Hope you have some good movies.

  2. Are the wheels on your suitcase made of plastic, rubber or wood?

    I am amazed…

    I didn’t realize that the ants in VN were so voracious.

    I am relentless when it comes to eradicating ants, both in VN and my home in California.

    In CA they are pests, in Vietnam they are a scourge. Vicious, miniscule and quick, the midget ants of Vietnam are horrible and unfortunately, ubiquitous.

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