Vietnamese Immigrant responsible for Binghamtom Shootings

7 comments on “Vietnamese Immigrant responsible for Binghamtom Shootings”

  1. Minh aka Cuti

    That’s truely sad. This will make Vietnamese/Asian people look extremely bad in America. You know what Kevin I think I will also go back to Vietnam for good one day.

  2. sadsa

    wth wong is not a vietnamese name, neither is “voong”. the authority should at least try to get his name straight. if they say his name is voong, then they most likely meant to say vuong. if they state that his last name is actually wong and he’s vietnamese, then he must be one of the ethnic chinese people that lived in vietnam before coming to america.

  3. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    @Minh: I agree and I think a couple Vietnamese were his victims as well. Very sad.

    @sadsa: I agree, I figured it must have been Vuong. I think we will hear more information about him as the days pass.

  4. Ken

    Regardless of his ethnic background, it’s a real tragedy. I think it’s irrelevant whether the Psychopath is Asian or Cauasian. And yes, Wong is certainly not a Vietnamese last name, Voong is very close to Vuong so it could be a typo. However, in the picture, the man does look Vietnamese.

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