e27’s unConference 2009 Singapore

Please encourage Vietnamese IT startups to attend this conference next month in Singapore.

e27's unConference 2009 Singapore
From e27‘s Mohan Belani:

I would like to share with e27’s major event which we work on yearly called unConference.

What is the unConference?

The unConference is our annual flagship event on web technology and startups. We’ve been running this branded event since 2006 and this is the 6th event in the series. This is a premier web focused event held in Singapore (we’re hoping to start this in other countries soon) and it is somewhat modeled over TechCrunch50. It’s all about startups, developers and breakout sessions!

How was unConference 2008?

Our last event, held in July 2008, garnered over 300 people and featured 17 local startups (http://unconference.e27.sg/2008/start-ups/). There was a keynote from Microsoft, startup pitches as well as user generated breakout sessions. The event was well covered in the blog sphere. Check out one of the bloggers article (http://armchairtheorist.com/2008/07/14/e27-unconference-definitely-unboring/)

What’s different for 2009?

We’re pushing the limit this time round by flying in speakers from all over the world, including US, Europe and Asia. We will be having a full day conference comprising a keynote session, a panel discussion comprising speakers from Asia, case studies, startup pitching, a startup exhibiting featuring 30 startups from SEA as well as 12 user generated breakout sessions (packed schedule!).

How can you get involved?

1) We believe that there may be a good number of web startups in Vietnam that will be keen on getting showcased at the unConference. We will be showcasing 30 startup from all over Asia. Some of the startups we featured last year include GoThere.sg, mywobile.com and zopim.com. We have worked out arrangements with the local government officials to meet the startups privately after the event for possible collaboration opportunities with Singapore. We would greatly appreciate if you could link us up with potential startups who might be keen on this.

2) We are very interested in reaching out to the Vietnam community and would greatly appreciate your help in this. We are keen on reaching out to the startups, developer and web community in Vietnam. We are launching the event at the end of the week and we have prepared our marketing mailers etc. It would be very much appreciated if you could help us to reach out to the community in your side.

3) Join us for the event if you can make it on 16th May! It’s definitely worth the travel to Singapore 🙂

Visit http://www.e27.sg/unconference/2009 for more information.

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