Ground Water Problems

We are now having ground water problems at my alleyway now.  It started after the construction workers finished completing the canal drainage project component near my house.   Even though the project is far from being completed, I did notice some changes in the ground water.   Before the project, the water had a strange smell to it.  It was not bad, it just had a smell of heavy metal.  After the project finished, that smell disappeared.

Instead, it was replaced by something else but we are not sure what it is.  In my house, all of the nozzles for the hoses next to the toilets began corroding at the same time.  This cannot be coincidence.  I am speculating that the water tank on the roof may be responsible but my housemate thinks it may be the ground water.

Until I am get some testing down, I will not know.  I will probably switch to city water but I will need the water guy to help with it.  We cannot turn it on for some odd reason so we are stuck with the ground water.

Maybe the canal drainage project was not a good idea.  Since they started it, there has been more flooding in the area.  The overflow rain water has nowhere to go anymore since it is blocked from draining to the canal.  Despite the smell of the canal, I think the soil around it may have filtered the ground water some.  About 3 years ago, the ground water was tested to be cleaner than the city water here.

What next?

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  1. clarious

    eww, heavy metal taste? That is iron, drinking too much of it can cause some problem (e.g baldness).

    For the corroding problem, how is the corrosion looks like? And the nozzle is iron right? Then it might be ammonia, again, it will cause some problem if being ate or drunk. For example, with cooking it can form nitride subtance, which will cause cancer, and just consuming too much ammonia could cause the problem with bone itself.

    I urge you to bring some water sample to a nearby lab to check if it is safe or not!

    By the, you guys still use ground water in the city? That is weird 😐

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