Setting the Al-Fajr Clock for Saigon, Vietnam

A-Fajr Clock Setting of Saigon, Vietnam

Today I finally figured out how to set my Al-Fajr Clock to the local prayers times for Saigon, Vietnam.  I purchased the Al-Fajr CW-05 clock when I was back in the US.  It has been a pain to set the clock for Saigon until I read, umm, the instructions closely.

  1. Select city code 999-999 press (SET)
  2. Select city code 58-2 press (SET)
  3. Select -34 press (SET)
  4. Select 18:17 press (SET)

I pressed 34 instead of -34 for number 3 so the prayer times were off.

Now everything is working right 🙂

Salat Time 0.9 is available from the Android Marketplace for my G1.  It is getting easier to remember the prayer times now.

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