Vietnamese Ladies are the nicest in the World!!!

Why the strange the blog title?  Just read this article in Thanh Nien Daily News and you will understand why:

Men should hold onto dongs, due to recent slashes

Doctors are reporting an increase in the number of men being rushed to hospital after their sexual organs have been cut off by jealous wives or girlfriends.

The good news for the castrated men is that the amputated organ can be successfully reattached if it is preserved properly.

Cho Ray and Binh Dan hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City have admitted several such cases lately.

Cho Ray recently admitted a forty-year-old man from Tay Ninh Province whose jealous wife had done the dirty deed.

It was the girlfriend who took him to the hospital along with his severed member in a plastic bag inside an icebox, while the shaken and contrite wife went straight to the police.

The doctors who reattached his penis say it was only successful because the girlfriend had preserved it properly for the 12 hours it took to get the man to hospital.

In another case, a fifty-year-old man in HCMC was admitted to Binh Dan Hospital for the same reason.

This time the culprit was the girlfriend while the penis preserver and the one who took him to hospital was the wife.

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Nhu of Binh Dan Hospital says the surgery was successful as the man had reached hospital around one hour after the incident.

Other cases turn out poorly for the man as the wife continues to vent her anger by throwing out the severed member for some dog to eat, or putting it in boiling water to cook for a while.

Dr. Duong Quang Vu of Cho Ray Hospital, who has become a specialist in reconnecting severed penises, says jealousy is usually the motive, but not always.

On Wednesday, Dr. Vu reattached the penis of a mentally ill man from Dong Nai Province who had cut it off in a fit of derangement. The man’s father had preserved the organ properly and taken it and his son to hospital.

The operation to reattach a severed penis is complicated, says Dr. Vu, because the doctors must reconnect arteries, veins, nerves and other tiny parts.

“Now that we’re experienced, the operation takes about two and a half hours. It used to take up to four hours.”

His colleague Dr. Tran Ngoc Sinh says 80 to 90 percent of penile function is restored if the operation goes well.

Erections return about a month after surgery but ejaculation may be delayed and the penis could be a little smaller than before.

Four out of five operations are successful, according to Dr. Sinh.

The failures mostly result from improper storage of the severed penis.

Dr. Sinh also mentions that it’s impossible to make the organ longer during the operation.

Reported by Thanh Tung


This is definitely one of the oddest stories I have read in the Vietnamese media.  Saigon Today, Antidote to Burnout and Noodlepie have all commented about it.  It will be soon be one of the most popular stories coming out of Vietnam today…

6 comments on “Vietnamese Ladies are the nicest in the World!!!”

  1. Tuan

    Moral of the story: “Don’t cheat on your wife and your girlfriend”. Although, some of the wife/girlfriend could be incredibly jealous and gonna cut it anyway. ouch!
    What happened to the good old day of people killing people when they get caught cheating? ;p

  2. Quynh Anh Nguyen

    Very interesting article. It’s also a bit amusing. I wouldn’t think the wives/girlfriends would go to the extreme.

  3. Huy

    Lorena Bobbit was on Oprah the other day discussing the case with her husband for the same reason. Its good to know success rate is high in case.

  4. Vzar

    This news is not new 😀 , cuz the same things already happened times before but maybe haven’t translated into English on those media magazines.
    We call them “Su tu Ha Dong” (Ha Dong’s lion) plus Hoan Thu (a character in the “Truyen Kieu”, which is a very well known story all Vietnamese high school students have to learn)

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