Back to Saigon’s Cho Ray Hospital

I made a short visit back to Cho Ray Hospital today.  It was amazing how packed it was today.  Very surprising.  We had to find parking across the street.

We headed to the international health care section which was not crowded at all.  Yeah, the fees are higher but when I looked at the prices I was surprised at how low the costs were.  We then headed to the Vietnamese area which was overcrowded.

Though Cho Ray Hospital has a great reputation, I wonder how any of the medical staff and nurses can get their work done.  This is still considered one of the best hospitals in Vietnam with world-renown surgeons.

Saigon Cho Ray Hospital

(International Health Care are of Cho Ray Hospital)

Saigon Cho Ray Hospital

(Not so crowded here)

Saigon Cho Ray Hospital

(Vietnamese are is very packed)

Saigon Cho Ray Hospital

(No seats near the entrance so people have to sit on the floor)

Saigon Cho Ray Hospital

(A map of Cho Ray Hospital)

Saigon Cho Ray Hospital

(Not sure what this is)

Saigon Cho Ray Hospital

(More areas to sit on the floor 🙂 )

Saigon Cho Ray Hospital

(There were empty seats here)

Despite what many Expats and Tourists may say, keep Cho Ray Hospital’s telephone number and address handy.  This is the first place you should go to for an emergency.   Many tend to head to SOS Hospital, Columbia Hospital, Family Medical Practice or FV Hospital which are good hospitals but for accidents, surgury, or other complicated procedures not requiring medevacs, you will probably be sent to Cho Ray Hospital.

Address: 201B Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Dist 5, Ho Chi Minh City

Telephone: (84-8) 8554137 – 8554138 – 8563534

Fax: (84-8) 8557267


3 comments on “Back to Saigon’s Cho Ray Hospital”

  1. Alex Le

    My relative is (or was) a big shot here at Cho Ray so in the few times that I needed to visit the hospital, I always got some priority treatments. Lucky me. If you know a doctor or anyone from the hospital, make sure to mention it. Since there are usually quite a few patients or families waiting, connections will get you to where you want to be faster, and a lot easier.

    Back then I had to go through a surgery. We gave the nurses some money (consider it tips) and the stay was much better. Hence if you ever end up staying, don’t forget the tips, your comfort will be much more appreciated. Nurses in VN don’t make that much and they have to deal with lots of sick patients and with a lot less equipments and protection than nurses in the US. A little money will go a long way and make sure everyone’s happy.

    Your 6th photo says “Patients Reception” and below that sign are the list of all the counters with the next number in line, which you’ll be called to when it’s your turn. One of the few places in Vietnam where lines and queues are enforced 🙂

  2. basilia

    Hi, I might be moving to Saigon but need to know if I can obtain
    Venlafaxine (effexor) there? Also Clonazepam but I will hopefully go off this one.

    My potential work group’s health insurance will not cover this, although I know meds might be cheaper in Asia. I have tried emailing and calling 2-3 bit hospitals in HCMC to ask this but their email boxes are all full and I can’t get through the telephone line. Is there any way you could help me and find out this information? Also, can one find acupuncture there and how might it differ from Chinese acupuncture?

    • SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

      No worries, you can get most medicines in Vietnam. It may have a different name. French medicines are popular here.

      Be wary, international hospitals run scams trying to convince you that you need meds even though you do not. I paid $500 US for high blood pressure and high cholesterol meds when I had neither according to a Vietnamese heart surgeon. Vietnam is a good place to switch from medications to natural remedies that actually work.

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