More street flooding in Saigon


Saigon got hit with huge thunderstorm that lasted nearly one hour this afternoon.  As expected, many of the streets were flooded.  The below pictures were taken on Bui Vien Street in the Pham Ngu Lao backpacker area about 45 minutes after the storm at the Santa Cafe.

More street flooding in Saigon, Vietnam

More street flooding in Saigon, Vietnam


  1. Yeah, storm drainage in Saigon is horrible. If the city rains like Seattle, it’ll be under 4 feet of water every year. I’ve been to Hue and seen those 4+ feet watermarks on the walls from heavy rain season.

  2. @Ken: Yeah but 2 years ago, the same deluge would never have flooded the streets. I used to ride, for fun, in the middle of down pours. The new sewage system seems to have made things worse.

    @Peter: Just keep an eye on the motorbike in front of you. If the level of water goes above where the spark plug is, stop and turn around. I flooded my old Nouvo two years ago in a storm. Arghh!!!

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