Job Opening: PHP Programmer – People with Ideas

People with Ideas is currently recruiting for a full-time PHP Programmer.  Job description and contact information is below.


PHP programmer with great problem solving skills needed. Will work
with internal projects that involves well thought through database
structures in MySQL, well written/structured/secured PHP code and
front end solutions in AJAX/XHTML/CSS.

We are currently not using any framework as most of our sites are
quite basic, but we are open for suggestions for coming projects. Our
company People with ideas,, is small company with mostly
freelance staff. Now we are starting a few major projects so we see
the need for at least one full (or almost full) time programmer.

Personal profile:

Happy to work mostly from home, but also to work in the office a few
days every week. Hungry for knowledge, and a good problem solver. We
want a professional person that is on time and know how to plan a
coding project properly.


  • Great PHP skills
  • Great AJAX skills
  • Good HTML & CSS skills
  • English is a plus but not a must, the closest manager will be Vietnamese.


$300-400, depending on previous experience

To apply:

Please send your resume to and make sure to link to a few
reference sites. No degree needed as long as the programming skills
are good.

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  1. Anders

    Monthly, quite a decent salary for a non senior programmer in Vietnam. So far I have only got one answer from this ad, but the quality was higher than the 50+ or so we got from other sources. We keep on looking though.

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