Google Android 1.5 Cupcake Working on my G1


This morning I upgraded my G1 gphone from RC33 to CRB43, otherwise known as the Google Android 1.5 Cupcake.  Flashing my G1 was quite easy, it is just a matter of downloading the firmware from the web, renaming it to and moving it to your the root of your mini SD card.  Hit Home – Back, open the keyboard when you see the G1 logo, alt-l (small L), and then alt-s to start flashing your G1. It took around 5 mnutes to flash my entire phone.

When you restart, you will see a new Android startup logo.  Be prepared to update all of your apps.

The first feature I looked for ws the camcorder.  Below is my first video shot using Cupcake’s video recorder:

I think the camcorder does an okay job, comparable to my last HTC phone.

The virtual keyboard was nice but I really prefer using the sliding keyboard.

The only issue I have right now is that Cupcake seems to use more battery power than with RC33.  I will check it closely.  Cupcake was supposed to use less battery power than the previous firmware.

Edit 1: My G1 is still using a lot of battery power with Cupcake compared to RC33.  I just used the camcorder for about 2 minutes total recording and took a couple photos at my friends wedding tonight but was surprised to see that I only had 73% Power left.  I had it fully charged before I left and did not even make one phone call.  I just sent 3 SMSs.


  1. How are you doing Kevin? That is so cool. It’s something I would like to do
    when I get there. I know they don’t celebrate Memorial day in Vietnam but I
    know that you are thinking of our fallen soldiers so have a good time with your
    new toy.

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