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Du Mien Coffee Shop (Videos)

This morning I met a friend at the Du Mien Coffee Shop near my house today.  I remember over a year ago, I complained it was too loud at Du Mien. Not anymore.  I have had several meetings there in the last couple of months.  The atmosphere has become quieter.  The staff have turned down the music.  I praise the owner for making these changes.  Most of his coffee shops, he has about three that I know of in this part of Saigon, are quiet now.

Today I decided to take some video shots of Du Mien with my G1 phone.  Yeah, they are a bit short but in the future I want to make longer video recordings of the places I visit for this blog.

Du Mien Coffee Shop, Saigon, Vietnam

(Du Mien Coffee Shop Fountain is always nice to look at)

Du Mien Coffee Shop Videos

(Du Mien Coffee Shop Morning Shot)

(Du Mien Coffee Shop Fountain Shot)

Du Mien Coffee Shop Address:

48/9A H0 Bieu Chanh, Phu Nhuan District, Saigon, Vietnam

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