Global Political Economics Musings


    Lets start with the Foreign Policy‘s article stating that one billion people around the world are now suffering from hunger.  That is 1/6 of the world population!  FP blames the global recession and rising food costs as one of the culprits of the increased hunger.  If you watched the Home global warming documentary, they mentioned that in the US alone, roughly half of the grain harvested turns into animal feed or biofuels.  That half could easily feed 1 billion people.  Unfortunately hamburgers and clean fuels are more important than starving people.

    Next up, the Moderate Voice, a site that gives another perspective on US politics and global political economics, stated that the economy in the US may not recover in a long time.  The author used examples from the Great Depression.  I think this argument is very plausible but I will let you read the article to decide.

    Ron Paul may agree with recent legislation from the US.  Check out the latest video about Ron Paul’s views on the current “Fed Power Grab” at the The Atlantean Conspiracy.  Ron Paul suggested the the Federal Reserve Bank should be regulated!

    Finally, from WWdn: IN Exile, something far more serious than the current global economic crisis and world hunger.  What would happen if you fed a dog chocolate, put a tin hat on it’s head and then microwaved it.  Just watch the following video to see what will happen:

    [youtube width=”333″ height=”250″][/youtube]