Fewer Sunspots, will it snow in Saigon this year?


Before I decided to combine ExpatPramatist.com with SaigonNezumi.com, I was keeping an eye on the lack of sunspots during the 24th sunspot cycle.  The photo below was taken about 6 days ago.  You can see the lack of sunspots in the picture which has baffled scientists and many others.   Some scientists are beginning to argue that the lack of sunspots may actually have an impact on the Earth’s climate.  This happened in the past especially during the periods of 1645-1715 known as the Little Ice Age where canals in the Netherlands froze in the winter.  We may possibly be entering another mini Ice Age according to some…

Hmm, should I bring my Russian fur hat and Kazakh leather jacket to Saigon before Winter approaches?

Fewer Sunspots

(No sunspots – Source: Bangor Daily News)


  1. That’s really interesting. Did you know it hailed in Saigon last Friday? I put my hand out into the rain and it hit me really hard and was bouncing off all the roofs. I wonder if that’s ever happened here before? Mini Ice-Age…

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