Vietnamese Body Painting


Some interesting photos from the VietnamNet Bridge demonstrating artist Ngo Luc’s body painting work on several Vietnamese female models.

Ngo Luc Vietnamese Female Body Painting

(Source: VietnamNet Bridge)

See the entire gallery here -> Ngo Luc and body paintings


  1. Since the publication of the first book of photos of female nudes in Vietnam over a year ago, (SPRINGTIME), it seems that Vietnam’s culture is finally being wrassled away from the VNese Taliban and Mullahs.
    The recent controversy about whether inanimate mannequins in shop windows should be modeling bras and panties or revealing swimsuits in plain view is, I hope, a last gasp by the forces of cultural repression.
    The models and Ngo Luc’s paintings are beautiful and the freedom of expression that allows them to be published now is also fabulous.

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