Quan Hy Restaurant (Saigon)


I had a lunch meeting last week at Quan Hy Restaurant located near Sunwah Tower in District 1.  The food was pretty good, nice atmosphere, and friendly staff.  Sorry, I was so focused in eating, I forgot to take some pictures of the food 🙂

Quan Hy Restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam

Quan Hy Restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam

(Across from Fashion TV)

Quan Hy Restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam

Quan Hy Restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam

Quan Hy Restaurant : 15-17-19 Ton That Thiep, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam


  1. Any other customers having a meal while you were eating yours?

    We have walked by this very new establishment a few times lately and I have never seen anyone inside other than the employees sitting around.

    It looks pretty deserted in your pix too.

    How did you choose it? I am imagining that you had help…

    No mention of pricing or an idea of the cuisine.

    I think I will wait a few more weeks before we go try Restaurant Hy.

    Have you tried the TEMPLE CLUB (29-31 Ton That Thiep St.) just past the Fashion TV “club” and above “fanny’s” ice cream? One of my favorite very nice places to eat meticulously prepared Vietnamese cuisine.
    You have mentioned going to the roof of the building to the “3T” BBQ restaurant. In my first experience(went up the stairs because the Temple Club was all booked) I was completely underwhelmed. I sent one plate back because it was completely unpalatable. I went back, reluctantly, for a couchsurfer.com gathering, and was not happy with the service or the food once again. Many of those I was with were also of the same sentiment.
    Since those times my diet has changed and BBQ, good or bad, is basically just a memory for me now. So sad!

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