Pardus Linux 2009 International on my Thinkpad T60


    Well, if you really want to fall in love with a Linux distro, you got to try Pardus 2009 International.  You got to give it to the Turks, they created the next great sensation in the Linux world with this distro.  Move over Sabayon and Linux Mint, Pardus 2009 is awesome!!!  To make it even better, they are one of the first distros to incorporate KDE4 that reminds me alot of KDE 3.5.  The Pardus developers made KDE4 usable!!! 🙂

    Installing Pardus 2009 International is quite simple.  Just remember to choose the English language settings if you do not speak Turkish.  Just follow the simple, easy to follow directions.  Partioning is easy as well.  Pardus will format the main partition as ext4.  The actual installation took roughly 20 minutes on my Thinkpad T60.

    Pardus’s eye candy is very similar to Sabayon Linux.  After your first login, Kaptan will pop up.  You will use Kaptan to configure the settings of your computer.  Most of the popular software are installed by default including Gimp, OpenOffice, Firefox, etc.  To install more software, you can use the GUI Package Manager or the command line tool, pisi.  pisi reminds me of Gentoo’s emerge.  In general, if you know how to use emerge, yum or apt-get, you should be able to use pisi easily.

    I had problems installing Skype.  It seems that many packages have not made it to the 2009 repositories yet.  Thanks to the wonderful Pardus World Forum, I was able to install Skype.

    This distro has some great potential.  Ubuntu and it’s derivatives may be influential in the English and French speaking world, I can see Pardus being influential in the Turkish and Asian speaking world.

    Pardus Linux 2009 International on Thinkpad T60

    (Firefox 3.5, Konsole, and GIMP)

    Pardus Linux 2009 International on Thinkpad T60

    (pisi Package Manager)

    My Review translated into Turkish.


    1. My daughter’s been using Pardus since 2008 and I upgraded her PC this week to 2009. For a Windows user she took to this like duck to water, and the best bit, no more reinstalling Windows every 6 months due to malware. Hats off to the devs 🙂

    2. I’ve been using Pardus since 2007.1 and installed 2009 now. I think Pardus is the easiest way to use linux (for me 🙂 ) and it is somehow so fast. Good!

      Thanks to developers of Pardus and thank you for this great post.

    3. it is a very exciting review. I’m using pardus linux 2009 since it is released:D pardus 2008 was my first linux try and i liked it at all. but 2009 is much cooler:D

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