Vietnamese model in top ten Asian supermodels


From Vietnam Net Bridge, Hanoi’s Nguyen Phuong Mai is one of the top ten supermodels in Asia:

Nguyen Phuong Mai - Vietnamese Supermodel

(Source: Vietnam Net Bridge)

See more of Nguyen Phuong Mai’s photos here:

By the way, is rated PG-13 🙂


  1. After visiting China, I have to say that the Vietnamese are some of the most attractive women in Asia. This supermodel is cute, but actually I was much more impressed by the natural beauty of the normal girls I would see on the street just while driving around Ho Chi Minh City.

    • I wouldn’t limit the group to Asia in which the natural beauty and exquisite grace on VNese women excel. I believe Vietnamese women are among the most beautiful women in the whole wide world.
      Considering the cramped, usually shared, living quarters typically, and the miniscule budgets of the young gorgeous VNese women we see everywhere, I am immeasurably dazzled consistently.
      Walking through Parkson, Diamond Plaza or the Tax Center, even the Ben Thanh Market, is a neck-wrenching exercise. I should probably do warm-ups to get my tired old bones loosened so I don’t risk an injury.

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