Turkish Restaurant Anyone?


Are there any Turkish food fans out there in Saigon?  If so, let me know.  I am trying to convince some of my Turkish friends to open a Turkish restaurant here in Saigon.  There is a small community residing in Saigon now.

If there is an interest, that may persuade them to ask for some Turks to open a restaurant here.  There is a Turkish restaurant in Vung Tau if you really miss it…


  1. hi!how about halal food restaurant??
    I just find new halal restaurant at Dist.,1, in front of new world hotel.you can easy to get to there.
    I haven’t tray it yet…

  2. i haven’t really had turkish food, but I think some of it is similar to greek food. Being greek, I was disappointed at the lack of greek food restaurants, except for one place called Skewers which had a limited selection of sorta-greek dishes. Anyway, I say there’s definitely room for a turkish place in saigon.

  3. Wonderful! I love turkish food and thought I was in luck when I passed a “Halal” sign on Le Lai St. the other day. They did not have turkish food though, but some nice malaysian cuisine. Anyways, a nice turkish restaurant would be seeing me at least once a week, convince! 🙂



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