Three month guarantee in Vietnam…


…only lasts 3 days in reality 🙁

Vietnam 3 Month Guarantee

(I bought this on Monday, 3 days later it disappeared)


  1. it says right on the box, “Cleans up to 3 months”. And that is exactly what happened! No worries about that blue hunk of noxious chemicals, probably some variety of cleverly disguised industrial waste, polluting your environment after 3 months. In fact you were free of further exposure in less than 4% of the possible, supposed, viability.
    Go get some more, enough for a year!
    Why did you purchase this product? That would be an interesting topic. These sort of products are sold to lend a patina/veneer of civilization to our ablutions. Marketing to our insecurities is the reality and cornerstone of consumerism. If that useless product “worked” for 6 months it would still be just as big a waste of money.

  2. After checking out the only available exhibit more thoroughly, I noticed that perhaps you have just purchased a trial, or mini-sample of the product, so far.

    According to the graphic on the packaging, the actual product looks like it would pretty much require the removal of all of the plumbing inside the toilet’s tank before inserting that luggage sized “tablet”. No way is that big hunk of junk going to disappear in three days, 3 months looks about right to me for the longevity of an actual, full sized KINE KLEEN product.

    It would seem to clean out more than “bowls” automatically!

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