Vo Hoang Yen at Miss Universe 2009

8 comments on “Vo Hoang Yen at Miss Universe 2009”

  1. Clifton Buck-Kauffman

    Miss Indonesia in bikini burqa is very interesting. Culture clash in a graphically stark depiction…
    Miss Vietnam is especially beautiful and I am sure she is representing the truly stunning, pulchritudinous Vietnamese women adroitly over in the Bahamas.

  2. Me

    I disagree, she does look Vietnamese. She looks like one of my friends and she’s Vietnamese. Asians don’t need other people telling them what they should look like.

  3. Clifton Buck-Kauffman

    Generally speaking, always a tricky proposition, the Vietnamese women who are considered the most beautiful by the Vietnamese people have features usually associated with Caucasians. Light to white skin, “western” nose, big eyes, pronounced mammaries, tall with long legs and thin lips are tickets to success. In fact controversies have occurred due to suspected surgical procedures undergone to maximize contestants opportunities.
    This is bound to change over time as the Vietnamese learn to appreciate their diversity and variety of absolutely gorgeous women. I love Vietnam!

  4. Hotseflots

    Well we can agree she doesn’t look ‘typical’ vietnamese i guess, so the fun of ‘country-contest’ is a bit gone then, if it becomes a best-prototype-race

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