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    As many of you are aware, I lived in the Former Soviet Union for over two and a half years visiting the countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Uzbekistan.  Thanks to Facebook, I still can keep in touch with my former students and friends from the region.  I was offered a job in Almaty, Kazakhstan, that would have started next month.  I decided against it so I can focus on my new company instead.  It was a tough decision but at least I can still keep up with the region through the various blogs and news sites.

    English Russia is by far one of the best blogs for the Former Soviet Union.  The posts are just interesting, I wish I could be as good as the site owner in finding similarly really interesting photos.  Today’s post makes me glad that I live in a brick house that, in theory, is more protected from fire.  “In Theory” in quotes actually 🙂

    Fires seem to always happen in Russia such as the one below:

    Apartment fire in Russia

    (Source: English Russia)

    See more Fire Photos here ->

    From NewEurasia.Net, there was an interview of an Expat on living in Osh, Kyrgyzstan.  Read it, if Expats in Vietnam heed to his advice, their experience could just be as enjoyable as the Canadian interviewed.

    By the way, Osh is one of my favorite cities in the world.  I spent nearly two weeks there back in 1999.  A really nice city with some of the best Central Asian cuisine in the world.  Cafe Osh, I miss you… 🙂



    Read the entire interview here ->


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