Sushi and Sashimi from Sushi Bar 3 in Saigon


I had some sushi with Hiro and some other friends and contacts tonight at Sushi Bar 3 on 3A Ton Duc Thang in District 1 of Saigon.  It was my first time visiting this restaurant.   Sushi Bar 3 is much bigger and more spacious than Sushi Bar 1 or 2.

No, I did not eat any sashimi today but I decided I will try it the next time I visit a Japanese restaurant.  Mouth watering pictures below:

Saigon Sushi Bar 3


Saigon Sushi Bar 3

(Green peas and squid tempura)

Saigon Sushi Bar 3

(California rolls)

Saigon Sushi Bar 3

(Fried sushi for me 🙂 )

We are thinking about opening a Japanese Teriyaki Fastfood Restaurant, anybody interested?


  1. The WORD magazine in the new issue has a somewhat negative review of SB3. I haven’t been to this newest SB incarnation yet, but I am perhaps the most loyal patron of SB1 because it is right across the street from my home.
    I love eating at SB1. The quality of the sushi is very good and the prices have to be about the least expensive in the civilized world. I go over for a late breakfast sometimes after they open the doors at 10AM. They have some lunch special sushi platters (9 pieces) with a cup of Miso and a cup of custard plus tea for about $5. With 300mg of hot saki (>$6) it is a great way to start the day. The regular dinner menu also has some sushi platters with 12 or 16 pieces that are very reasonably priced, a la carte. The service is efficient, the employees seem to be having fun and the many customers indicate to me that the fish are fresh and not stale, or worse.
    The anonymous reviewer started off with a glaring, although inconsequential error referring to SB2 as the original SB. SB1, on the 5th floor of ZEN PLAZA, is the original SB, and is very popular with Vietnamese diners.
    Other than Kiru-Kiru on Nguyen Du, the rest of the Japanese restaurants in Saigon are priced about the same as those in California. A bit pricy by VNese standards.
    The “green peas”, pictured above, are, in Japanese, called “Edamame”, actually they are soy beans. Oishii!!!

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