Early morning Pho at Pho 24 – Saigon


Before my business trip over a week ago, I had an early morning meeting at Pho 24 with a friend.   I do not normally eat at Pho 24 since I prefer the pho in my alleyway.  Still, Pho 24 makes a good bowl of pho and at least I will not sweat much inside the air conditioned restaurant as I would in the alleyway.

You can find Pho 24 almost anywhere in Saigon now.  In fact, there are probably too many Pho 24s.  In an effort to increase revenue, one of Pho 24’s main investors forced them to open stores across the city.  Most likely a Western investor who probably does not realize that only a few select group of people in Saigon can afford the pho at Pho 24.

Most of us prefer the alleyway pho vendors thank you 🙂

Anyway, still, Pho 24 is a great place for Expats and Tourists to get a taste of good pho.  Much better than Pho 2000 I might add.

Pho 24 in Saigon

(Nice and air conditioned)

Pho 24 in Saigon

(My bowl of Pho)

Pho 24 in Saigon

(Watching my motorbike)


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