Unhealthy Rhino at the Dai Nam Safari Park

This is just one of those things where you just have to be there.  In the wild, this rhino should be charging me.  Here, it seems to want my help though most likely, it wanted some food.  The other rhino would not let it eat.

This rhino had a huge cut near it’s right eye with flies flying around it.  I wish there was a way to rescue or protect these animals at the Dai Nam Safari Park.

I added a video with the elephants as well.

2 comments on “Unhealthy Rhino at the Dai Nam Safari Park”

  1. Peter Dickinson

    The first time I visited this place it was not yet open to the public. I am just waiting for that little bit extra cash to make the trip and give the place a professional looksee.
    It surprises me that any half measures are being taken with the animals considering the countless billions that have been spent on the park. I understand to there is professional input from Saigon Zoo (thank the heavens it was not from Hanoi).

  2. jethro mayham

    In Vietnam, animals are to be eaten so I am not surprised at what I am seeing and hearing from other visitors that promise never to return there again.

    Eating larve, snails, snakes, cats, dogs, exotic animals are not unusual. Tiny cages are the norm.

    Your picture of a rhino coming right up to the fence is shocking. Is it a petting zoo by chance?

    Enter Dai Nam Tourist Park into your search engine and you will see its developer, a Las Vegas based company that conceived New York, New York on the Vegas strip.

    Somebody from that company is doing a horrid job
    and not using basic business sense.

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