Poor Pugs

Pugs are a very popular breed in Saigon these days.  You see them everywhere.  They are a really cute dog, my neighbor has one and they tried to sell me one of their 4 puppies.  I am a bulldog guy myself.

A weekend ago I searched the city for bulldogs.  I did find one near Le Hong Phong street but it was in poor condition.  I even though about rescuing but I will need to get a closer look at it.

A couple days ago, I was told I could find a buldog puppy at a breeders home in District 5.  I went there with my friend when the owner assured us that it was really a bulldog.  When I arrived, he handed me a “bulldog”.  It was actually a pug puppy and when I confronted him, he admitted that he used bulldogs to lure potential bulldog owners to his home.  There, he hoped to convince them to buy a “cuter” pug.  He had no bulldogs.

Yes, the pugs were cute but I did not like how he treated them.  The pugs in the photos below are never let out of their kennel even to run around.  The owner says he keeps them in there until they are ready to mate.

Poor pugs…

Vietnam Pugs

(These pugs never leave their kennels)

Vietnam Pugs

(They do seem happy though)

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  1. Martin Jr

    I wouldn’t recommend buying puppies in VN unless they are from respectable breeders + able to show proper vaccination records. Kennel cough is the #1 killer of puppies in VN.

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