The 10 Conditions of Love (Rabiya Kadeer)

Here is a documentary that I do not see making it’s way to Vietnam.  Need to find a way to get a copy back in the US.

The 10 Conditions of Love looks at the life and struggle of Uyghur activist Rabiya Kadeer.  I first learned about Rabiya Kadeer when I was a graduate student at Indiana University.  At the time, I learned about her plight and bought some Uyghur Human Rights buttons from the Uyghur Human Rights Coalition.  Rabiya Kadeer was in prison at that time but she was later released and exiled in the US.

It is amazing that the world knows so much about the Tibetans but very little about the Uyghurs.  As you can tell, this documentary has been very controversial to the Chinese government.  They unsuccessfully tried to convince the Taiwanese from showing the film next month.

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  1. Jeff Daniels

    I’m the director of The 10 Conditions of Love and we are doing all we can to make the film available first in film festivals and soon on dvd. The film should be available soon at Amazon as well as distribution companies in Australia and Taiwan with Mandarin subtitles. Please check my website ( for the latest news on availability.
    Until then any suggestions on where I could screen the film in Vietnam would be very helpful. The film is currently screening at the Jakarta International Film Festival.

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