Update: Electricty problems with EVN

Well, it has been 16 days since I complained to EVN about the 895 kWh bill for last month.  Two days ago they sent about 3 workers to look at my power meter.  They spent about one hour and a half to see if there was a problem.

Before they started the tests, they tried to tell me that since I was not home, the EVN guy who reads the power meters could not write down the correct number.  Nice try but it was not true.  Every month I SMS’d the reading to EVN.   Then they moved to another scenario.  They said that since my walls sometimes leaked during a rainstorm, my house would use more electrictiy.  Finally they even admitted this was a ridiculous idea and not true.

Thus, they had to test my power meter.  After about 20 minutes, they concluded that it was not faulty and made me sign a piece of paper saying the tests were good.  They still could not answer why the reading was so high though which was supposed to be their job.  Instead they left.

On Monday, we will have to complain to EVN again but it seems they are on our side.  That number to them is quite suspicious as well.  In the end, we will probably have to compromise on what I will pay to EVN.

According to EVN’s current readings, we have only used about 300 kWh since Sept. 9 to October 10.  A really big difference, isn’t it?

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  1. riina

    ohh, sounds so familiar! my criminal record was to be ready on 16th of september (that would have been 4 weeks after application), but I got a note by mail that it wasn’t ready yet. so now I am still waiting, no word. and I still got to go to hanoi to have my bachelor degree verified by the finnish embassy (went to a polytechnic in finland to become a nurse).
    good luck to get everything you need!

    • SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

      @riina: So did you live in Vietnam for a long period of time? I was told that if you did, you have to list all of the addresses you lived at while in Vietnam. For me, since I just lived in Saigon for the past 5 and 1/2 years, it should be easy. Those who who lived in Saigon for over 6 months and less than a year have it the easiest.

      I heard the Judiciary Dept. will verify which the Ward Police in each area that you lived at.

      For my degree, it will be a headache but my university told me that they can notarize it but I want to see if it can be done in Vietnam first since my degrees are already here.

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