Update #3: Electricity problems with EVN

EVN informed my friend today that the power meter was fine and that the billing was accurate.  When asked why their reading was nearly 3 times higher than normal, quite naturally, EVN blamed me.  They said that I was never at home so they had to guess the reading and charged me that.  They said that they MUST have been giving me a lower reading for the past couple of months or more.  Hence, I am now just paying for the electricity that I used in the past.

Nice try EVN…

Tonight I found the receipt the EVN guy gave after he read my power meter on August 25th which included the readings for BOTH July and August.  My last bill also had the reading I sent to EVN by SMS and EVN confirmed it.  So as of August, I have paid for all the electricity that I used.

Now what is more interesting is that since the reading took place on August 25th and the next reading was on September 21st, that meant I was using more than 33 kWh per day.  Impossible since both my housemate and I are never home for most of the day.

It is beginning to look that the ‘infallible’ meter was actually be the problem here.

I hope to resolve this within a week.  EVN will take their next reading in one week.

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